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    • Appearance
    • Major Characteristic
    • Application Sense
    • Main Technical Parameters
    • Appearance

    • Key Property

      Usage scenario


      Product status

      Mass Production

      Product function

      As the channel of data transmission, it provides long-distance wireless remote transmission for the front-end equipment

      Functional performance

      1.All support Passive PoE, power supply by Ethernet cable, more flexible network wiring
      2.With advanced functions such as DHCP, NAT, DMZ, etc.
      3.Outdoor rain protection

      Operating frequency


      Network System


      Operating temperature


      Radiation angle

      Vertical 30 degrees, horizontal 80 degrees

      Transmission distance

      Within 2km without shelter

      Physical interface

      2 10/100M RJ-45 interfaces

      Type of electricity supply

      PoE power supply

      Operating system


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